Sunday, January 6, 2008

Before You Start Investing - You Have To READ This!

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So lets get this straight. Everyone wants to make more money right? There are those that want to move into their dream house. Buy that BMW. Own a business. Get a better job. Do something that they love doing. Just be able to get by. Have more quality time with their loved ones. The list is endless. And yes we have heard them all before!

I think that when it comes to investing. Many people jump the gun and sabotage themselves even before they get started. One of the fundamental things that I have learnt so far, is that you have to invest wisely. You have to come from making educated decisions and you have to do with the right mind frame.

I’ve heard all the horror stories of people getting involved in get rich quick schemes. Losing thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in ventures gone bad. Yeah sure for the successful investor he/she may have been burnt a couple of times to know when a deal is good or not.

But ultimately situations like this will be attracted to you, if you come from this "lack mentality". You know the one. You've heard the sayings. Money doesn't grow on trees. You cant afford that. Rich people are unethical. There just isn't enough money to go around. Money is hard to come by. Rich people are just lucky. Money is a terrible thing and I want nothing to do with it. I'm sure that you guys can add more to the list.

So I think where I'm going with this, is that before you start investing, you have to work on some of your own beliefs about money and about wealth creation. Accepting accountability for your current financial position, is something that can be disturbing yet very liberating. Because if you had the power to get yourself into this current situation then you also have the power to make your future whatever your want to be. I come from this mindset, because I love the area of personal development. Despite being 20 I have been into personal development for about 7-8 years.

So here I am going to provide you with a list of a couple of books that I found really helped me build this abundance mindset. It set me free from the shackles of my limiting thoughts and beliefs and hopefully it will do the same for you. The good thing is that most of these books that I'm listing are now on public domain. Meaning to say that they are free. Funny that, because the information within them, is really quite priceless.

1) Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

Even though I have been into personal development for a little while. I didn't come across this book until a little later down my personal growth journey. Which is ironic because its one of the books that people usually come across first that gets them on the path to personal development. Its one of those classic books that you just have to read. I guarantee you that every uber successful person has either read this book or unknowingly lives by the principles which it teaches.

You can find the link for this book below

Think And Grow Rich

2) Wallace D Wattles - The Science of Getting Rich

What i really love about this book is that really changes gets you to think about your current circumstance and realize that where you are, is a result of all your past thoughts. If that sentence sounds familiar its because they used that line so many times in the movie "The Secret" as it was one the main inspirations for it. The book delves into the whole idea of the law of attraction and really helps to build this abundant mindset and shows that you can really create your own reality and that you deserve an abundant life.

The Science of Getting Rich

3) Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends And Influence People
This is one of my most favourite books. Being originally quite a shy girl, I really found that this book helped me overcome that. It basically teaches you some fundamental rules on how to relate to people and helps to build your self confidence when you realize that really what people think of you doesn't really matter, because most people are concerned with what is going on in THEIR own lives. While this is not on public domain yet, here is a link which summarizes some key points from the book. It is definitely a worthwhile investment though.

How to Win Friend And Influence People

4) Russell H. Conwell - Acres Of Diamonds
This is a really cute little story which I love. Its a inspirational story that reminds you, that whoever you think you need to become to be successful is something that is already within you. I think that sometimes people underestimate the unlimited power that resides within them and are always searching for something more somewhere else. This sort inspired me to believe in myself and know that all I ever had to be, is someone I already am. You can find the link to the e-book below

Acres of Diamonds

5) Richest Man In Babylon - Geroge S Classon
This is another classic book which I came across recently. I love this book primarily because it teaches some fundamental rules about investing and saving money. One of the core principles in this book is to save first and then spend later. Sounds simple right? But its so surprising how many of us, pay the tax man, pay the bills, pay all the expenses before we pay ourselves. Just this simple shift in perspective can be the difference to your financial future in 5, 10 or 15 years from now. One of best pieces of advice i got from this book is to save 10% of everything you earn. I think that its such a simple and effective way for anyone to get started.
The link for the book can be found below

The Richest Man in Babylon

So there you go guys. Go out. Read. Enjoy. And please let me know what your thoughts are on these books.

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Z Farls said...

Just found your blog, and came across this post. Almost can't believe it.

During lunch I purchased your number 1 and 3 choices because my friend told me they were his secrets. Really strange, anyway I can't wait to read them and develop myself beyond the Dave Ramsey camp. (He is the man)
I have RSS'd ya. Good work