Monday, March 10, 2008

Has School Really Taught You What You Need To KNOW?

Here at Investment Realty we deal with a lot of clients that are doing the best they know how, to get ahead in terms of their financial position. They are looking for more avenues in which to increase their wealth.

Because we help our clients with their wealth strategy .... we have come to notice a couple of things. That despite their degree's, qualifications or pieces of paper that they may have accumulated over time from various institutions that this does not mean they know how to accumulate wealth.

In fact I would go as far to say ... that school does not teach you anything about how to accumulate wealth or achieve financial freedom.

Don't believe me? Well heres some proof. Here is a list of Self made Billionaires That Dropped Out Of School.

But really think about it for a moment. Because i think a lot of us, go through primary school, high school and university without even thinking about any of this stuff. Yes we go study business studies but this doesn't mean that at the end of the course that we will know how to run a successful business.

Far from it.

Why do you think that more 90% of business within the first year fail? It's not because the people didn't have a degree in business or what not. It is perhaps because they were not taught the real skills of what it like to run a real and successful business.

Let me give you a little analogy. Its kind of like reading up on how to eat a cake and actually eating that cake. Its like reading a book on how to swim and actually swimming.

In case you guys didn't notice there is a difference between the two. One is theoretical and the other is practical. Schools and university and the majority of courses are purely theoretical.

Here is a thought.
If you were a sole trader and you had a customer service position open.You had the choice between two candidates one that was fresh out of university with all the appropriate qualifications for the role. Or one without a university degree but with 5 years customer service experience.

Which one would you choose?
It makes common sense right? That you would pick the one with more experience .. well i know i would anyways. So what am i trying to get out? Well all i am saying that it is time for us to start looking outside the boxes of our own limited thinking. The answers that we are looking for are out there ... but in a place that we assume that they are not. Its like to open out minds and be open to ideas and concepts rather than rejecting them.

From what i have experienced so far ... the one major difference between those that make it in life and those that do not ... is not how many qualifications they have or have not got. But rather there ability to apply certain ideas and ways of thinking into their life to get successful results. There ability to think outside the box. N their ability to think beyond what the schools teaches us.

But thats what i have to say. what do you guys think. Do you think that school adequately prepares us for life? Or does school just make us a good employees Just great and well behaved cogs in a wheel?

Let me know your thoughts,

Young Investor

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you.I'm and engineering major and most of the people I study with are so into their work.I myself do it for the initial salary you recieve once you graduate.I have the same GPA as most of them...I'm capable but more interested in different types of investing.I read books on real estate,stocks and bonds,Internet Marketing,etc.just as much as I do all the theoretical crap that is associated with my major.They laugh when I tell them I'll be a retired millionaire in 10 yrs or less after I graduate.They tend to say if I'm lucky I will be,depends on if you pur your money in a good mutual fund,etc.I'm 22 and I know more about the stock market system and real esate than most 30 yr old professionals..I'm just waiting from a steady income.It took one book to inspire me and that was Rich Dad Poor dad a few years back...but I do agree that ppl tend to believe that school will pave the way...very few get rich by applying solely what they learned in have to expand your thinking and invest in yourself...just my opinion

Anonymous said...

No posts over the past 8 months?

Real estate got you down? LOL