Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Thing That You Can Do NOW - To Improve Your Financial Future

When it comes to investing heaps of people get scared. Especially the ones that have never done anything like this before. In many ways you have to step outside your comfort zone. N well we all know that this is a little ... uncomfortable.

Investing has a lot to do with discipline, mindset and with patience. There should be very little emotion involved when investing. Heres the thing, investing is a boring thing! It’s about building your wealth over a period of time. It’s about buying investment properties and being able to sit on them for the next 20 plus years so that you can enjoy the benefits later. It’s all about delayed gratification.

Now since I'm young, I don't know about certain concepts in depth, but I do understand the how the basic and fundamental principles work. I have talked to the people, gone to the seminars and read the books. And when you start hearing the same things over and over again, well then I think there is some value in what they all have to say.

One thing that I have heard over and over again is that time is your friend. So you should use it. I am lucky that I am young and have plenty of time to get started with investing and also to make plenty of mistakes. But everyone has plenty of time relatively speaking. Meaning to say that you would be in a better position today had you started investing 2 years beforehand. Just like in two years from now you will be in a better position if you start investing today. It’s never too late! Lets not forgot the good old Kernel Sanders who started his empire at the ripe age of 65!

One of the seminars that I have attended recently the speaker asked, when is it a good day to invest?? And his answer was YESTERDAY! So technically doesn't that mean that you are already behind? What I'm trying to say that its best to get started TODAY, right now! Because essentially the money you are investing today will be worth hundreds of thousands in the future ...

Young Investor

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Anonymous said...

This post does bring up a good point, that we should start investing as soon as we get the chance.

Thanks for sharing

Looking forward to more of your posts!