Monday, February 18, 2008

Why Keeping An Open Mind - Could Make You Millions

The one thing that i love about Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad is that he teaches some fundamental ways in which to build wealth in the future. He distinguishes between good and bad debt and shows you how you can really leverage your money. Despite this he receives a lot of criticism for his work which at times i find upsetting.

I think that while we are growing up we are taught so many things about being able to control our financial future that don't serve us at all. All it does it put us back into the pack of about 90% of people who will retire on the pension. This is especially evident in Australia.

It is here that dreams are given up, expectations of a full an rich life are downgraded, because someone wasn't prepared to set outside their comfort zone and search for something better. What upsets me the most however is those that have a closed mind to new ideas and concepts. If there is any way of killing success, its to think that you know it all ...

In this blog post by the Simple Dollar

The author gives a new perspective on the teaching of Robert Kiyosaki. This wasn't necessarily positive. He did call it a bad book but shared that he actually did learn a lot from it. He also receive a number of negative comments on that post in regards to his teaching as well. Many of them called Kiyosaki a fraud, made all his money through his seminars rather than through property and that he has no real value to add.

In my response to what has been said, i uncover why ... it is that .. opening your mind could fill your life with abundance rather than lack.

The fact of the matter is that Rich Dad Poor Dad has probably created a lot of wealthy people out there. People who lives have been transformed because they have been able to keep and open mind and implement some new strategies that may have been out of their comfort zone.

Thats the thing with investing. You have to be able to keep an open mind to what is available out there. Ok thats fine if you don’t entirely agree with one author. Fine don’t use his strategies. But if you are finding that every book you read you have a negative view on .. then maybe there is something internal like (mindset) that may be holding you back.

I think one of the things that will hold anyone down is a closed mind. I even thing that its better to have an open mind, to try certain things out .. and hey if it doesn’t work out then as least you learned something from it … But if you didn’t do anything at all .. well you will just be in the same financial position in 20 years time ….

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Anonymous said...

Rich Dad called, he said get the F out of Real Estate.

How much have you lost over the past year? Just curious...